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How do I respond to a ‘tough’ or ‘irrational’ prospect?
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   Step-by-Step: Funding Road Map

The For Impact Road Map provides a step-by-step learning framework.


Road Map (Online Boot Camp)

Instructions: Watch Point of View videos and then each overview video. Secondary videos in each section are available to add deeper instruction. Most viewers will not need every learning module - select 'as needed.'

1. Point of View

3 Big Insights4:22
Think Big, Build Simple, Act Now6:08
Change Your Vocabulary3:39
Maximize Relationships14:00
Funding Model4:38
You're In Sales, Get Over It4:38
A Top-Down Approach7:06

2. Plan: Case for Support

Purpose 5:22
Priorities 10:47
Plan 18:58
Find Your Transcendent Purpose 19:00

3. Plan: Presentation Design

Presentation Experience 4:47
Altitude Framework 5:53
Presentation Tools 2:13
Presentation Tool Templates 3:29
Presentation Tool Examples PDF
Things To Consider 14:00

4. Plan: Qualified Prospects

Qualified Prospects GuidebookPDF
Women Rule5:10
Prioritize 9:00
Master Prospect List 15:27
Qualified Prospect Index 12:42

5. Execute: Predisposition


6. Execute: Presentation

Share the Story, Present The Opportunity, and Visit Flow 31:52
Three Keys To Success 11:37
Role Play Videos

7. Execute: Follow Up

Follow Up 10:48