January 11, 2013 | Tom Suddes

Death of the (Predatory) Salesman

You know our FI | TSG line:

Dan Pink has written this amazing book called To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others.

I will keep encouraging you to order this book on amazon.com or buy it in a real bookstore immediately. (Read the book this weekend!)

Here’s a link to an article at NPR that gives you another flavor on why Dan thinks “We’re all in sales!”

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January 11, 2013 | Tom Suddes

The World’s First Elevator Pitch

To Sell is Human By Dan Pink

I urge to order Dan Pink’s new book, TO SELL IS HUMAN!

Go immediate to Page 155 and read about Elisha Otis… and the world’s first elevator pitch!

Teaser: It involved him climbing on top of one of the world’s first elevators and taking an axe and slashing the rope that is suspending it in mid-air!

I love Dan’s thinking as he goes into the 6 Successors to the Elevator Pitch.

    1. The One-Word Pitch (IMPACT!)
    2. The Question Pitch (JUST ASK!)
    3. The Rhyming Pitch (LIVE TO GIVE. GIVE TO LIVE.)
    4. The Subject Line Pitch (YOU JUST WON $1M FROM NIGERIAN LOTTERY.)
    6. The Pixar Pitch!!! (Page 170. THIS ALONE IS WORTH THE PRICE OF THE BOOK.)

Pink reinforces everything I’ve read about Pixar, John Lasseter and his team, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney Company and more.


    Once upon a time there was _________. Every day _________.
    One day ________ and _________. Because of that _________ .
    Because of that __________. Until finally _________

To every For Impact organization out there… fill in the blanks and you have your STORY!

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January 8, 2013 | Tom Suddes

Make 2013 a year to remember!

This comes from For Impact’s own motivator, cross fitness trainer and coach, and good friend, Steve ‘Wolfie’ Wolf.

Sign up for a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)!

There’s nothing wrong with returning to events (challenges) you know and enjoy, but it’s difficult to sustain passion and inspiration from those events. Go out on a limb and sign up for something exciting, scary, intimidating, or exotic! If you’re not excited and nervous about it, how are you going to commit 100% to preparing for it?

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January 3, 2013 | Tom Suddes


Here’s a very interesting thought from Forbes blogger, Tom Watson, on re-examining the idea of ‘scale’.

Gives strong credence to a re-focus on IMPACT… which is what this tribe is all about!

Still 3 days ‘left’ to do some planning and goal setting before next Monday (which kicks off the work year… and BCS National Championship game. GO IRISH!)

Note: Order Dan Pinks new book TO SELL IS HUMAN. Just came out. Trust me on this one. I will tell you why it’s so important on Monday.

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January 2, 2013 | Tom Suddes

The First Day… 1 Jan 13


It’s also the first day of a New Year!!!

I’m not real big on ‘resolutions’… but I love the idea of a NEW BEGINNING. It’s a great time to lay out some goals for this calendar year.

I’m just finishing the first 3 months (J/F/M) of the Action Plan to help me make an IMPACT in 2013.

May this be a year of IMPACT for you, your family and your F.I.O. (For Impact Organization)

Note: One of my big, big, big goals for this year is to ‘publish’ a lot more GOOD STUFF at FI.O.

Stay tuned.


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December 24, 2012 | Tom Suddes

Happy Holidays!!

We will be back on January 3, 2013.
With even more ‘GOOD STUFF’ to help make 2013 your BEST YEAR EVER!!

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December 20, 2012 | Tom Suddes

Take Tomorrow Off!!!

For what it’s worth, I am giving you ‘permission’ to TAKE TOMORROW OFF!

It’s Friday. It’s the Friday before Christmas. It’s the last day of the 5,125 year cycle in the Mayan Calendar. It’s the ‘shortest’ day in the year. It’s winter solstice.

There is nothing you’re going to do tomorrow that you can’t get done today.

Tomorrow is for family time, personal time, transition time into the holidays, or whatever you want to call it.

If you celebrate it, have a very merry, joyous Christmas! To all… have a great holiday and close out 2012 with gratitude, joy and family.

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December 18, 2012 | Tom Suddes

How To Get The Visit (A Guidebook)

Here is a Guidebook on How to Get the Visit, summarizing my 40 years of trying to get visits (appointments).

Action: A favor. This is the last Guidebook published in 2012. It’s also the first one that I’m sharing with the For Impact ‘tribe‘ and asking for feedback. (‘Tribe‘ is a Seth Godin word. It’s not tied to the University of North Dakota’s name change.)

All of our Guidebooks are free resources for our readers, users and Kool-Aid drinkers.

I would really appreciate you taking time to let me know if this will help you get visits… if there are other things I could add that would be more helpful… and if you would add anything else that might be of value to sales teams getting more changes to Present the Opportunity.


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December 18, 2012 | Tom Suddes

How To Get A Visit

I cannot begin to count the number of times we have been told/asked “This is all great,
but… we can’t get an appointment. They won’t see us. How do we get in the

Our first response is always the same: “Stop trying to get an ‘APPOINTMENT’!”

The word ‘appointment‘ itself is a problem. It conjures up visions of doctors! Worse, dentists!

Think about the idea of a VISIT. This is not just semantic gymnastics. It’s a mind-set. A
VISIT implies friendship, conversation, mutual desire to be together and much more.

You can read this in a melodramatic tone:

Stop trying to get APPOINTMENTS… with DONORS… to ASK THEM FOR MONEY!

A simple vocabulary change creates an entirely different dynamic.


Getting a visit is both an attitude and a skill.

Here’s a visual representation.

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December 17, 2012 | Tom Suddes


The whole Kevin Bacon, 6° thing is just wrong. It’s been determined it’s actually 2.78 moves or connections between Kevin Bacon and any other actor.

Please pay attention: You are only away from anybody who is a QUALIFIED PROSPECT!

How can I say that?

First, it is very important that you note the term ‘QUALIFIED PROSPECT‘. That means that there is a STRONG RELATIONSHIP to your CAUSE or CASE. (It does not mean a ‘relationship’ with you or another individual!)

Then, IF they are truly a QUALIFIED PROSPECT… you can use your NATURAL PARTNERS (Champions, Board Members. Key Volunteer Leaders, other Current Investors, etc.) to make the contact and the connection… and help set up the VISIT!!!

This might be the best way to explain this.

I am only 3° away from the Pope, the President or the Prime Minster of Israel.

I can reach out to one of the most amazing human beings on the planet, Fr. Ted Hesburgh (with whom I had the incredible experience of working with on the Campaign for Notre Dame). Fr. Ted calls someone in the Vatican… who then sets up meeting with the Pope.

To get to the President, I simply hit speed dial for Dick Celeste, former Governor of Ohio, Ambassador to India, President of Colorado College and now Senior Counsel with The Suddes Group. Dick has Bill Clinton on his speed dial. Bill calls President’s office and sets up visit (since he worked really hard to get President elected).

For the Prime Minister of Israel, I call anyone of a handful of Jewish leaders that we have worked with and ask them to make a phone call or reach out to someone in Israel who can then reach out to the Prime Minister. II know. Probably not a good time to do this. He’s busy. Just trying to make a point.)

One last story. I am only 2° away from the Dalai Lama. At an international conference, I poured (fire hose?) my energy, heart and soul into a keynote talk. Afterwards, a wonderful woman came up and said, “Thank you I learned so much… I will never forget this day.” Then she put her long white scarf around my neck and said, (BTW) “My brother is the Dalai Lama.”

There are two great books on this phenomena, 6 DEGREES by Duncan J. Watts and LINKED by Albert Barabasi.

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