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Thank You Notes

Tom Suddes | May 17, 2013

I’ve been doing a little bit of work with the Wake Forest Advancement Team.

In the week after our day-long coaching/training session … I’ve received five or six handwritten thank you notes!

In this age of tweets, texts and emails … these notes were a surprise and much appreciated.

Amazing what getting something from proverbial ‘snail mail’ can do to lift your spirits. (Plus, I can keep the ‘hard copy’.)

Coincidentally, I just got a wonderful letter from my friend Jim Mahoney at Battelle for Kids. A letter! (Jim and Battelle for Kids want to give me some award for being a FRIEND. I’m their FRIEND because I love what they do and I love working Jim and his team.)

A handwritten note. An actual letter. A phone call.

Amazing what these kinds of old school communications can do.

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