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“If you don’t like how things are going, tell a different story.”

Tom Suddes | June 12, 2012

Really solid article from Rosabeth Moss Kanter: If You Don’t Like Your Future, Re-Write Your Past.

At For Impact and The Suddes Group, we talk an awful lot about the Power of Story.

This article reinforces the whole idea of changing the narrative… so that it creates a different view/perspective.

Every one of us can take this to heart. “If you don’t like how things are going, tell a different story.”

Note: Jim Loehr wrote an entire book about the POWER OF STORY, that could be summarized with the above quote.

Here’s an example of how to tell a different story excerpt from On Boards.

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  • Eve Smith - June 17th, 2012 3:02 pm

    Sometimes you need a little help to tell a different ‘story’ when frustration takes hold. I was appointed chief fundraiser for a nonprofit school my daughter attends. Every state agency I approached gave me a negative answer. One supportive soul took pity and pointed me to http//www/grantwatch.com; it subsequently helped me find 3 grants for my daughter’s science classroom teacher.



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